Wednesday, November 14, 2007

where are my forums?!

ARGH is dead.

please take note of the forum that xctu has set up in lieu (the link brings you to the asia/australia matchfinder):


and here's the sc thread on the namco bandai games forum, which has some interesting sc discussion going on, go take a look and join in!


Thursday, October 18, 2007

a vid by spyder!

it's a vid by spyder!! thx to aheda for the link... now watch it!


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

tax's japan pics!

HERE are my japan pics! enjoy!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Soul SG SC 3 AE 2v2 Tourney 4 Neoshinji

(ad verbatim from rein's post on the tourney results board at

Alright Soul SG! I know this is a very last minute tournament and I thank you for all who participated!

Airconman from the GGXX community who lent us his camcorder to record the event deserves a special mention.

I hope Neoshinji had a blast here in SG though I think we left him starving for quite a few times... Sorry!

Ok details of the tournament.

Date: 25th August 2007
Format: Double Elimination
Character Select: 1 per Player
Stage Select: Random
Battle Format: 2v2.

Team SSBB (SluttySlut & BitchyBitch) VS Team HHGG (HornyHottie + GayGay)

Since we have 2 machines which from what I understand have been fixed. We are gonna call them Machine A (MA) & Machine B (MB).

So Team SSBB informs marshall that SS will play on MA and BB will play on MB. (The other team will not know this info)
Like wise, Team HHGG inform marshall that GG will play on MA and HH will play on MB.

So we have:
Machine A: (SSBB) SluttySlut VS (HHGG) GayGay
Machine B: (SSBB) BitchyBitch VS (HHGG) HornyHottie

Let's say the results are as follows.
Machine A: (SSBB) SluttySlut Wins
Machine B: (SSBB) BitchyBitch Wins
-Team SSBB advances to winner's bracket and Team HHGG advances to loser's bracket

Now, if the results in a tie, a tie breaker amongst the winner will occur.
Machine A: (SSBB) SluttySlut Wins
Machine B: (HHGG) HornyHottie Wins
A tiebreaker will occur on whichever machine is available first. Say in this case it's Machine A.
Machine A: (SSBB) SluttySlut VS (HHGG) HornyHottie.

On to the teams that participated!

-Moldy Cheese-
01. Farplenoodle - Seung Mina
02. Aheda - Xiang Hua

03. Neoshinji - Taki
04. DTArchon - Sophitia

05. Jovian - Setsuka
06. Raymus - Astaroth

-Brothers Of Gay-
07. Whirow - Maxi
08. Ethan - Mitsurugi

09. Crono - Mitsurugi
10. JayZ - Voldo

-Hidden Bosses-
11. HP Lim - Maxi
12. Rii - Nightmare

13. SluttySlut aka Jouli - Ivy
14. BitchyBitch aka Sadistic Desire - Taki

15. Mich The Evil Queen - Taki
16. Taxi - Taki

Champion - Team Rockets!
2nd Placing - T2!
3rd Placing - Hidden Bosses!

The Brackets for your viewing pleasure!

We got some tourney + exhibition vids down but it's rather flickery. Will try to post em up!

Any comments, suggestions, bitching, slapping, post up here!

Friday, August 24, 2007

japan pics!!!!!!!!

here are the long-awaited japan pics... enjoy!

comments on the pics (some comments are specific, see if you can tell which pic it belongs to):

- all car pics courtesy of ck
- mega mac is ridiculously big, but not as big as MUTANT OMU RICE, which is seriously from another planet. EVERYONE had to chip in to finish the largest size omu rice.
- the ZOFF husky pic is for sad WOOF
- the divination lot i got at the temple said "LAST AND SMALLEST FORTUNE"... kthxbye
- if you see the pic of a vending machine, it's special 'cos it's selling special coffee with pictures of the evangelion cast... it's publicity for "rebuild of evangelion".
- THERE IS A SILENT HILL SHOOTING GAME... which is more similar to house of the dead than we expected.
- sadaharu is trying to bite my head OUCH
- rein bears sole responsibility for all freakola pics with himself and me/thomas/mich/ck/linus/anybody unfortunate inside.
- old japanese ah bengs have bigger hairdos and thus, bigger balls.
- my hair looks silky soft because there was free conditioner in the hotel.
- hey jouli it's your favourite ivy player!
- that damn fatty tuna sushi (THAT I ORDERED AND ATE BY MYSELF) was really 99% fat and 1% meat... YUMZ
- hey sad me and mich found you in aki and we took a pic with you! we caught you by your ears so you wouldn't get away like that naughty mew.
- they had BIG BANG BEAT freeplay at this shop... very cool. i think it was a publicity thing.
- the black/brown double-layered dessert was actually coffee jelly... delicious.
- one of us is crazy about maaya sakamoto... guess who?
- "I AM A SINGER" + mrs. frankenstein wig = CRAZY
- we went to a maid cafe. it scarred us for life. we will bear the burden of the mind-blowing details FOREVER (don't bother asking us though... what happens in a maid cafe STAYS in a maid cafe).

these are all batou's pics, i've got a few of my own that's coming soon! don't change the channel!


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Japan Trip

Hey Hey, not sure if anyone's interested ...
Just thought i'd do a short report on the Trip + casuals + SBO.

Day 1:
We reached japan at around 8am in the morning. Didn't believe my folks when they told me that Japan was HOT. I mean it was Japan, and how bad could it be ? Then the heat hit me and i'm a believer. The scorching sun, and absolute lack of cloud cover had me consoling myself that I'd _definitely_ lose weight in Japan! Due to late checking in time for the hotel (3pm), we found ourselves wondering around asakusa temple. Tax, rein and Thomas did the interesting mikuji thing. What their fortunes were, I'd leave it to them to say. No SC today. Everyone was tired out from the plane journey and traipsing around in the sweltering sun.

Day 2:
One day before the Shinjuku West 3 on 3 tourney. We decided to get some practise in and it was off to Akihabara. We needed to know how the different SC version in Japan impacted our main characters, for eg. was Taki's WL KKK still a NC? (I would cry if it wasn't..) and if there was any last minute adaptations required. Club Sega in Aki was a smoke chamber! I apologised to my lungs for all the second hand smoke inhaled.

There were 2 SC machines - a vs cabinet and a sit-next-to-each-other one -- This was actually quite miserly ompared to the Guilty Gear / VF machines available. Rein and Tax started sparring with each other, I noticed this particular chap staring intently at them. (i think he was at Tax's side first, then later he walked over to Rein's side). I couldnt decide whether he was 1) actually watching the game next to SC or 2) he was an SC player. It was until the next day that we found out that he was the SBO qualifier, Isbella Neo.

Devil Jim came later. Rein and Tax chatted with him for a bit. I don't remember talking to him. Didn't get to play his Soph. =( Watching it however, it seemed to be like the usual wait-and-punish Soph. No special setups i can remember off hand, but i guess it would have to be solid to be in SBO.

Isabella Neo's Ivy OTOH was a PAIN. Turtle Ivy has always been a difficult matchup for Taki. This guy does just that. I was whiffing and eating random CSes. Gah!!! Rein and Tax did much better than me, and i was secretly happy that they did well against him after getting used to his tactics. Go Cass 66A!!

End of day 2.

Day 3:
Shinjuku West Exit tourney Day! We were quite pumped up. Our order was Tax (cass), Rein (nightmare) and me (taki). Sign ups for the tourney started at 2.30, but we went there early to warm-up and check out the competition. Already there were some players there ahead of us. I noticed that there was this mitsurugi player in shades, wearing a pull-over cap, and carring a fan. He reminded me totally of Kisuke Urahara from Bleach. Later I found out that he was dekka cho. Another Asta player also caught my eye. i went to play him. OMFG!! I have never been rung out soo many times in my life! GAH! However, I did sense that he was not used to playing against Taki, and got off a few lucky UBs. Later i found out that he was Sarusube! Later on, Oosaka came, Kita Senri too, and I managed to see 666. We met Talim JP (who was very friendly) and Reno (long time no see) too. Chang's Friend was there as well. KT Voldo came in Voldo's Moon Mask. We got him to take a photo with us in the arcade (even tho' photography was banned in arcades. haha) The whole tourney was a "OMG! it was like the who's who of Japanese SC IS here!" (i might have missed out a couple of persons, so do forgive me if i missed u out.)
Oh yah. Back to the tourney. Tax and Rein charged their way through 4th place. The hard work was all theirs, and i was immensely proud of being in Team Singapore! We actually didnt do that badly after all =) I lost to KTVoldo (mantis is BAD!!!) and Kita Senri (no more random As vs Sets 3aB at Ring edge!!)

Later on, we got to talk to the Japanese Players, Talim JP helpfully showed us how to get to Odaiba, and him and reno helped act as translators. Tax accousted Kita Senri and MADE him tell us anti-Voldo strats. Kita Senri was very nice, and patiently answered our questions as best as he could. In fact the whole Japanese community was very friendly. The language barrier was a major downer tho'.

i think we left at 9pm, after more casuals. The next day was SBO day, and we would have to leave the hotel at 6am in order to reach Odaiba in time for the last chance tourney

... to be continued.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

results for july VS tourney!

and another tourney comes and goes...

here are the results:

1st: jovian
2nd: raymus
3rd: aheda

thanks to shiks and louis for their efforts. apologies for not being able to make it, but i assure you that i and the rest really wanted to be there.

to the next tourney!